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'Pick a special day of the year. Write down atleast two things that you might see, hear, taste, smell, or touch on that day. Try to find images that reveal what you feel at this moment, on this day. Now write a haiku about your special day.'

I reallyyy need help with this. I don't know what day to choose that I can write a haiku about, because haikus are really short. I've got the instructions of how to write a haiku though..please help!!


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    For heaven's sake, MC! How do we know which day of the year is special to you? You'll need to choose a day that have special meaning for YOU. You can't write an effective poem unless you have strong feelings about its subject.

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    Thanksgiving day would be a nice choice, I think.

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    But I didn't really do much on that day...the only special thing that happend this year was my sister's birth about 2 months ago...should I write about that?


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    The implication of the assignment is that you choose a special day that happens every year.

    It could be a holiday or your birthday or the last or first day of school.

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    Last day of school has no point when you homeschool...
    I'll just do my birthday. it's hard getting the syllables right though

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