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Calculate the average disappearance of A between t=0 min and t=10 min in units of M/s.

0 min there are .065 moles of A
10 min there are .051 moles of A
20 min there are .042 moles of A
30 min there are .036 moles of A
40 min there are .031 moles of A

The total volume is 100.0 mL.

The equation given is: A -> B

I know that to get Molarity you divide the number of moles by the total volume in Liters (which means a conversion of mL to Liters). Also that minutes would have to be converted to seconds by multiplying by 60.

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    I supspect the M in M/s is moles per second, not concentration decrease. No volume was specified. Frankly, if this is what is desired, it should have said mol/s . But I do think that is what it meant.

    .014 moles disappeared in the first 600 sec, or an average rate of 6.67millimoles/sec

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