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My question is that what kind of environments are there i mean are there also other types of environment then Natural,Human and Human natural environment. I`ve got assignment on environment and for that i have to write so can please tell me any site not wikepedia that have not too much information and it could be easy to write it and understand it and have really nice paragraph

Q.2 What is passive pronoun or noun?

Q.3 I`ve also got assignment to right about "Aryans" so i also need some information about them not too big and not to small.

Q.4 " effects of words in our life" i also got assignment on that so can u tell me a little information about this topic that how words effect our lives.

Q.5 I have also 1 more assignment of English that we have to write Biography of Mr.Dahl the great children writer of london so i can`t find any brief bio of him so can u help me out.


Adi Ca Blish

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