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Ok, here is my complete "Pet Peeve" Speech. Thanks a lot to bobpursley, and writeacher, and gurublue.

There are some people in this world that you can’t live without, and then there are some other people who you just can’t bear to live with. That second category is the one that I have to deal with all day, everyday. Sure she’s a few years younger than I, so what? Does that make her any more special than me, or the rest of us? Why is it that she gets all this treatment that we never received? My sister not only irritates me to a great extent, but she also makes some of my worst nightmares come true.

When it’s finally time for the little monster to get up from her twelve-hour beauty sleep, she disappears in to the bathroom, leaving the cluttered bed untouched. Does she seriously expect some maid to come tidy that up for her? It’s bad enough that my parents make me share a room with such a pig; I can’t believe they want me to start doing her dirty work for her too. The division between the room is clear; my side and her side. And predictably the difference is very clear too; my side is organized, good-looking, and spotless, while Princess Piggy’s side is compared to a barn; messy, cluttered, and even smelly at times. This morning I thought I spotted uneaten food on the floor turning grey, and other unspeakable.

After the whole room is spick and span, it’s time to start home-schooling for the day. It is at this time every morning when I come in to the computer room to find her hogging up the only working computer. This is unbelievable! How am I supposed to catch up on my work, when every day she is sitting here before me not even working? When I command the little brat to get off, her only reply is “I was here before you so you can’t make me get off. Try waking up earlier!” Is this some kind of joke? I was, and always am, awake before her; most of my time goes away in fixing up that jungle of a room. It seems like I’ve done some major sin without realizing it and she is my own personal punishment for that unknown sin. What could I have ever done to deserve this?

Ok, I have to keep telling myself that the worst of the day is over. She gets off of the computer around 6 o’clock; I can try to get some work done before dinner time. I’m not caught by surprise when the phone in my room starts ringing; one of my closest friends was supposed to call so we could discuss the party that was coming up. I dash inside my room, tripping and stumbling a few times, because I know that wherever she is she has also heard the phone ring. The phone call with my friend was almost coming to an end and I was shocked that there was no sign of the little demon, more importantly I was grateful for that because my friend had started discussing some of the personal details of the party that were a secret between me and her only. I hung up and was feeling appreciative of the little monster for not trying to over hear our conversation. As I stepped into the kitchen downstairs, there she was, with a huge grin on her face, and the cordless phone in her hand, and I knew that she was listening to every word we had just discussed.

To sum up my points, sometimes I feel like my sister is one of the worst things that happened to me. However, there are times when I realize that, even though she drives me nuts, she is-and always will be-my sister. Moreover, deep down, no matter how deep it actually is, I do love her. We will be sisters for a long time to come, and for that we’re going to have to start learning to get along with each other. Hopefully there will be a time that is different from now. Eventually, we will both grow up, and look back at how much we both changed.

now, there is another assignment along with this one. :
Introduction Speech
Before you actually give your "Pet Peeve" Speech, you must develop and begin with a short "Introduction Speech." An "Introduction Speech" is not your "Pet Peeve" introduction. An "Introduction Speech" is one in which another person introduces the speaker to an audience. The purpose is to bring the audience and the speaker together before the speech begins. However, in this course, the "Introduction Speech" will be used so that you can introduce YOURSELF as the speaker of the "Pet Peeve" Speech. You will introduce yourself. You can pretend that you are someone else who will be introducing you as the speaker.

For this speaking assignment, you will present a 1-2 minute speech at the beginning of the tape. Follow the suggestions listed below.

1. The speech should be short
2. It should help create a comfortable connection between the audience and speaker.
3. It should interest the audience in the speaker and his or her topic.
4. It should help put the speaker at ease, announce the topic for the speech, and give the speaker's name.
5. The introducer should avoid being funny and should not ambarrass the speaker by giving too much praise or by criticizing the speaker.
6. The person introducing a speaker should not call attention to himself or herself nor detract from what the speaker plans to say.

Introduction Speech Example:
Good evening friends, family members, administrators, and teachers. As class president, it is my pleasure to welcome you to tonight's commencement ceremonies. Tonight, many years of tear, sweat, hard work, and effort will come to an end for graduating seniors. Tonight's ceremony includes speakers from the graduating class. These speakers were selected from the following groups: academic, business, and vocational. These speakers had to compete among other class members in order to be selected for this speaking engagement.
The vocational speaker. Amy Kistler, has an extensive list of academic achievements. Her highlights include the following. She was an active volunteer in the community and participated in many extra-curriculum activities. She was select for Who's Who and set a state record in track. She will speak to us tonight about "The Order Side of Responsibility."
The second speaker is Jeremy Rogers. He has impressive academic achievements. He was selected as the student who will be "most likely to succeed" in the graduating class. He will continue hsi interest in business by pursuing a degree in business managment. His speech is entitled, "Becoming a Leader."
The last speaker for this evening of festivities is Shauna McDonald. She has proved herself to be a competent speaker. She has received many awards for competitive public speaking. She has also won awards for creative writing and poetry. As an academic student, Shauna went above and beyond the class requirements. She will talk to us about "The Stage of Life."
All speakers were selected for their ability to prepare and deliver public presentations. It was from their hard work, persistence, and determination that we have the pleasure to listen to their message. As we listen to these presentations, think about the meaning in their messages. As Henry David Thoreau said, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams."

so,..I'm SOO confused about this introduction thingy. and this example just makes it even more confusing to me.
does any one have any idea how i can do this for my speech?

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