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I am writing a paper about the ways in which the federal and state bureaucracy affects my life and I am a little stumped. I work in a elementary school and I know that both the federal as well as the state bureaucracy affects my life but I'm not sure what to really say. Can someone please help me get started? Thanks.

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    Just think of how the state effects your pay raises or your supplies. The states have a budget for the school systems. Those budgets affect how you operate in the school system. The bureaucracy is trying to get money and supplies from the school board or the state level when there is no money left.

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    Haven't you ever filed an income tax statement? Do you have a state-issued driver's license? Do you own a car?

    Don't you fill out forms for school for tax purposes?

    What about testing done by the state? Since the No Child Left Behind policies were instituted, state competency tests for students have dictated curriculums.

    What tests did you need to pass to work in your school? Academic? drugs? background check?

    Ask the special ed teacher about the piles of paper work and meetings necessary for those students.

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