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Geometry HELP!!

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I need help with my geometry hw, i need to now wat the properties are for the following statements.

1. If 2x=6, then x=3

2. If 42 degrees + measure of angle 2 = 90 degrees, then measure of angle 2 = 48 degrees

3. If measure of angle D = 40 degrees and measure of E = 90 degrees - measure of angle D, then measure of angle E is 50 degrees

4. If measure of J = 20 degrees,
then 3(measure of J) = 60 degrees

Please tell if my answers are correct or not
1. Substitution Property
2. Substitution Property
3. Substitution Property
4. Distributive Property

  • Geometry HELP!! -

    what is the ratio of the lengths of the corresponding sides

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