11th grade chemistry

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What is chemical formula of copper(ll) sulfide?

  1. bobpursley


  2. Kalle

    Formula for copper(ii)sulphide is CuSO3 (3 Being subscript)

  3. steven

    how many molecules do you have in 64g of CO?

  4. Brittany

    Well you have to divide 64g by the molar mass of CO (28.01) to find the moles of CO you have. Then you multiple the moles by 3.02*10^23 to find the molecules.

  5. JaLeesa

    what is the name of this compound ba3po4?

  6. joliana

    mercury and bromine will react with each other to produce mercury bromide
    hg+br2 =hgbr2
    what mass of hgbr2 can be produced from the reaction of 10.0hg and 9.00g br2 what mass of what reagent is left un reacted

  7. Chem is COOL


    It's called Barium Phosphate.

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