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Grammar and Composition

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pet peeve speech:

for the body points ms.sue told me to list three ways that my little sister irritates me. here's what i got:
1. she never makes the bed after she gets up/she never cleans her part of the room
2. she hogs the computer so no one else can use it
3. she listens on the phone when i'm talking to my friends

then, i can extend on these in the actual speech.

is it ok?

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    Yes, that is excellent. Now your task will be to describe these humously.


    when the little pig get up from her much needed beauty sleep (she never gets enough), she leaves her bed untouched, waiting for her chamber maid to magically appear. Who is this Princess that lives in my room? Who is the Gift to the World, that leaves dirty clothes on the floor and on furniture? Am I the chambermaid?

    Or such. Do a good job.

  • Grammar and Composition -

    thanks bobpursley, i will try

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