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P4 (s) + 10 Cl2 (g) ¨ 4 PCl5 (s) ƒ¢H = -435.2 kcal
Based on the reaction shown, which statement is true?
A) When 30.97 g P4 (s) react, 435.2 kcal are released.
B) When 1 mol P4 (s) reacts, 435.2 kcal are released.
C) When 123.88 g P4 (s) react, 435.2 kcal are consumed.
D) When 208.22 g PCl5 (s) are produced, 435.2 kcal are consumed.
E) When 1 mol PCl5 (s) is produced, 435.2 kcal are released

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    See the answer below.

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