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which is an example of excretion?
a) release of sweat from the sweat glands
b) removal of carbondioxide from the lungs

Please tell me what is the answer. I thought both urea(from the sweat) and CO2 are products of excretion? In fact, my textbook says that "carbon dioxide is an excretory product that is excreted by the lungs as gas in expired air". It also says that "excess mineral salts and nitrogenous waste products such as urea are excreted by the skin as constituents of sweat". So how am i supposed to do that multiple choice question??? Please help!

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    out of these two choices (b)is the better answer.This is so because main aim for the release of sweat is to cool the body by the production of water on skin.Sweat is not released when body is cool and it has waste to excrete.But in case of lungs, it is the only source by which body can excrete co2.

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