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24.Which of the following is characteristic of the organizational buying process?
A)Multiple parties participate in purchase decisions.
B)Negotiation between buyers and sellers is commonplace.
C)Online buying over the Internet is widespread.
D)Buying objectives and criteria are typically spelled out.
E)All of the above are characteristics of the organizational buying process.

Is It B?

25. Seven of the most commonly used organizational buying criteria are (1) price, (2) ability to meet the quality specifications required for the item, (3)__________, (4) technical capability, (5) warranties and claim policies in the event of poor performance, (6) past performance on previous contracts, and (7) production facilities and capacity.
A)taste of the buyer
B)personal friendship with sales representative
C)ability to meet required delivery schedules
D)current mood of the buyer
E)opinion of the firm's senior management

Is it A?

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    Please check your book. I doubt if either answer is correct.

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    A and C?

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    Yes, 25 is c.

    What does your book say about 24?

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    that Organization buying is the decision-making process by which formal organizations establish the need for purchased products and services and identify, evaluate, and choose among alternative brands and suppliers.

    Some of the characteristics of organizational buyers are:

    1. Consumer market is a huge market in millions of consumers where organizational buyers are limited in number for most of the products.

    2. The purchases are in large quantities.

    3. Close relationships and service are required.

    4. Demand is derived from the production and sales of buyers.

    5. Demand fluctuations are high as purchases from business buyers magnify fluctuation in demand for their products.

    6. The organizational buyers are trained professionals in purchasing.

    7. Several persons in organization influence purchase.

    8. Lot of buying occurs in direct dealing with manufacturers.

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    That's a lot of characteristics. They should help you choose the best answer.

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    Seven of the most commonly used organizational buying criteria

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