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checking answers 4 algerbra

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1. use a commutative law to find an equivlant expression f+sr? sr+f?

2. determine which real number corresponds to the situation. The record high tempature for a date is 97.8 above zero. The cooresponding number for this sentence is 97.8?

3.Translate to an algebric expression. The sum of c and n? c+n?

4. divide if possible -64/-8=-72?

5. divide if possible -90/10=-9?

6. multiply 2/7 by (7/1)=14/7?

7. solve using addition princible.7.4=x-2.5. x=4.9?

8. find the oppisite of 50=-50?

9. add. do not use number line except to check

10. a mountian with a base 12,231ft below sea level rises 15,202ft. what is the elevation above sea level of its peaks? 2971?

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