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The Moon orbits Earth every 27.3 days. Determine the angular velocity of the Moon, in degrees per day and in radians per day.

The radius of the orbit of the Moon is about 384 400 km. How far does the Moon move along an arc of it's orbit every?

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    well it takes the moon to rotate earth 27.3 days.1 rotation = 360 degrees

    therefore 360/27.3 = 13.19 degrees/day

    to convert to radians, 1 rotation = 360 degrees= 2 X Pi

    2Pi/27.3days = 0.23 rad

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    oh nd for thhe second part use the formula arc= radius X angle theta

    angle would be the one we calculated in th first parrt, MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS PUT THETA IN RADIANS IN THIS FORMULA

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    1.96 * 104

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