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Okay so I'd do this myself but I only have a desktop with Windows Vista and not a laptop so if anyone with a laptop that has Vista on it could please help me:

1. Open Windows Mobility Center and then mute the speakers.

2. Change the plan settings for the Balanced plan so that the display turns off after 10 minutes of idle time when running on battery power and after 1 hour when plugged in.

3. Create a power plan based on the High performance plan and name it Visits. Set the Visits plan to do the following when running on battery power: turn off the display setting after 5 minutes of idle time and put the computer to sleep after 45 minutes of idle time.

4. Set the Visits plan to use hybrid sleep instead of sleep when running on battery power. Arrange the Power Options dialog box and the Edit Plan Settings window so you can see the settings in both windows, and then press Print Screen to capture an image of the desktop. Paste the image in a new Paint file, and save the file in jpg format as Power Plans.

In any case after all that can you put it up on photobucket or imageshack and post the link please.

I will be very grateful towards anyone who can help me with this.

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