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we have been given a text and have to find words in it.

we have to find the word bothers/upsets all i know is that it begins wit 'in' could it be indispose as it is the only word beginning with it

we also have to find (here)encounter an it begins with 'conn' could it be connaître but i know that it means to know but it is the only word that begins with it.

many thanks

  • french -

    Since I do not see your text, let me take the words you are looking for in English and give yu the french?

    to bother/upset = ennuyer or déranger or renverser or bouleverser

    (upset can be used in different connotations)

    to encounter = rencontrer, even combattre
    BUT to be acquainted with = connaître

    If that doesn't help you, I will need to see the text you are looking at PLUS the specific directions you have.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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