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In three-to five-paragraphs, describe a time when you tried to learn a good habit or to unlearn a bad one. Whether or not you are still working on making this change, describe the patience it takes to stick to your goals and make a change for the better. What has been most difficult for you about breaking a bad habit or forming a good one? Remember that each paragraph should make a single point, and you should support that point with examples or

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    And how can we assist you? The instructions are clear cut.

    We will be happy to critique your work.

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    Think of a time in which you made any change in your lifestyle. It could be anything.

    Have you changed your eating habits? Exercise methods? Study habits? Stopped biting your nails? Cleaning your room? Doing household tasks? Your use of computer or cell phone? People you "hang out " with?

    I hope this helps you to get a start. Thanks for asking.

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