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if i don't finish my essay, how many scores will i get?

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    If you answered the prompt, or partially answered it, from 1 to 12
    Marks are given on what is there.

    You can practice getting it done. 30 min is a lot of time. The key, however, is to spend a few minutes organizing it (outline), then writing, so that you don't get lost in the middle of the time trying to figure where you are.

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    One thing I taught students in AP English was to use about 25% of their time planning (writing a general outline) and the rest of the time writing the draft. It works with SAT essays, too.

    25% of 30 = 7.5 -- so I'd say if you spend 6 or 7 minutes planning during a 30-minute essay timeframe, you should do fine.

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    but i only have 25 minutes to write the essay

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    1/4 of 25 is about 6 minutes on the outline.

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