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Can someone please tell me when a chromosome is a chromosome and when it is called a chromatid.

For ex/ after anaphase the chromatids are now each called a chromosome,etc

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    see the picture on the right, and read the first paragaraph

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    Chromosome is always a chromosome through out mitosis.chromosome and chromatids are two different things.Each chromosome is made of two strands and these strands are called chromatid.Chromatids of same chromosome are called sister chromatids and they are joined at a point called centromere.
    1 during prophase chromosome(consisting of two chromatids) thicken

    2 during metaphase chromosome(consisting of two chromatids) lie at equator

    3 during anaphase two chromatids of each chromosome separate.

    4 during telophase chromatid develop in to new chromosomes.

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