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Please help asap

REPETITION- occurs when a line or a sequence of lines appears more than once.
ASSONANCE-is the repetition of the same or similar vowel sounds in a series of words, usually words with different consonant sounds.

Read the poem, then answer the questions.

1. There once was a filly named Blaze.
2. Who wouldn't come out of the rain.
3. First that filly got soaked.
4.Then she grew hoarse and croaked.
5.Which put out that filly named Blaze.

1. In which lines do you see repetition? He put 1 & 5 (filly named Blaze)

2. What is the example of assonance in the repeated words?

3. What other examples do you see in line 1?

4. What is the example of assonance in line 2?

5. Is there an example in line 3?

6. Is there an example in line 4?

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    We'll be happy to check your work after YOU post YOUR IDEAS about this poem and its questions.

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    2. filly named blaze

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    Named blaze

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