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I am writing a magazine article for a class. I have looked up how to cite sources and still don't quite understand. I am using Associated Press (AP Style). I am writing about a famous person. I have read a lot about this person, but I can't interview this person, so my article will be based just on other articles that I have read. Can I site my sources at the bottom of the page and site a few of the sources within the article? What good is a rehash of other things already written about a person? I mean the only original stuff in my article will be my opinions about this person, if I decide to use them. I'm confused.

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    i think you sohould either try and find online video interviews of this per, and as cheesy as its sounds imagen you are the one asking the questions and tehy are responding to you then give your opinions on their answers.

    ps if you cannot find someone with online videos interviews simpley change your person.:D

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    This is the best site I know of on AP citing sources style.


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    screw you

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