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What influences might cause a member of the House to vote against the wishes of the people in his or her district?

I have this question for a study question in government and I'm pretty lost. The only things I can think of are money issues or because they were influenced by a committee. Or maybe it was in the best interest for their party. Or they're doing the Speaker a favor. But all of those sound lame :(

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    Your ideas a good and realistic.

    Sometimes decisions are based upon complex reasons and reflect part, but not all of the legislator's constituents. For instance, our state representative has come out in favor of rezoning a small piece of land that was given to the university with the condition that it remain public open land. The university wants to develop this land for an addition to its research park; Representative Jones agrees with the university. Many of his constituents are adamant that the land remain undeveloped as promised in the original gift. However, like most places, our city needs jobs, and Jones is favoring the development in order to provide jobs.

    Also, consider the thorny and complicated issues of health care. Again, a legislator's constituents are probably divided between the many different proposals. In this case, I hope that the legislator votes her conscience as to what will be best in the long run for her district.

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    *are good . . .

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