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how do i factor 8m^2-6mn-9n^2

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    If you had
    8x^2 - 6x - 9 can you see how I factored it to
    (4x+3)(2x-3) ?

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    8x^2 - 6x - 9
    For this problem we have to multiply the first and the last term here the first term is 8 and the last term is -9 if we multiplied this two we will get -72 then we have to split this number in to two parts and the multiplication value of splitted term must be equal to -72 and the simplification value must be equal to the midlle term that is -6 .So we can split 72 as (-12)*6
    8x^2-6x-9 = (2x-3)(4x+3)

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