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I'm writing a research paper on the Jacksonian Era. Can you help me with a good attention grabber to start my paper off with.

  1. Ms. Sue

    Save the attention-getter to the last. As you write the body of the paper, you'll think of possible-attention getters.

  2. Unknown

    I can't do that because we have to do the intro first and then show it to the teacher. Then do the next paragraph show it and so on. I'm just have difficulty coming up with a good strong first sentence to start my intro off with. I have another question its about what my thesis should be. My paper is going to be on jacksonian democracy principles, election of 1824, election of 1828, Peggy Eaton Affair, Indian Policy (Worcester vs. Georgia, Trail of tears, Nullification Crisis/Force Act), and the Bank War. This is the thesis i have. The Jacksonian Era was known as the "The Common Man" and to live up to that, Jackson was willing to fight any challenge that he was faced with. Any ideas on how to make my thesis stronger or how to change it.

  3. Ms. Sue

    You could start with a Jackson quote. Here are a couple of my favorites from the site linked below.

    "It is a damn poor mind indeed which can't think of at least two ways to spell any word."

    "One man with courage makes a majority."


  4. Unknown

    Were not allowed to start with a quote

  5. Unknown

    How about my thesis?

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