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Let's talke about the following topics with your friends.

1. The following is Junsu's diary. Find out Junsu's worries and underline them.

2. Let's arrange what Junsu has to do.

3. Let's talk about what Junsu has to do first with his friends.

4. The following is about Korean cultures which we can advertise/introduce to the world. Think of Korean cultures which we can advertise to all the world, and talk about them with friends.

5. Choose one among Step 1, and then think of how to introduce it to the world.

6. Upload a publicity thing on the Internet with which you can advertise Korea in reality.

(It is about a project. Would you correct errors in the sentences, plese? Thank you for your help.)

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    #5 is not at all clear.
    #6 Upload a publicity site from the Internet with which you can advertise real life in Korea.

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