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Napoleon insisted that the place for women was in the home. How do you think educated women of time would have reacted to this idea.

Well, obviously they wouldn't accept this and would stand up for themselves. They would probably have gone door to door and found others that disagreed with Napoleon. All this commotion would eventually lead to another fight.
Is there anything else I can add to this.

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    Sara, you are right, but the fact is in that time there were very few educated woman in France.
    Times were different. Read this and see the context of the times.
    I doubt if there would have been very many folks knocking door to door on this issue, nor found many others that disagreed with Napoleon.

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    I disagree with your answer. Times have changed in the last two hundred years.

    First, as Bobpursley pointed out, there were very few educated women at the time. A very small minority of educated and well-to-do women were influential in their society, but they still didn't have many rights and largely stayed in their homes. They didn't publicly protest these conditions, and basically accepted them as normal.

    Remember, women couldn't vote in Canada's national elections until 1919, and women in Quebec didn't get to vote until 1940. Also, even today, women in some countries still can't vote. And in Saudi Arabia, women can't even drive cars or leave their homes without their husband or a male relative accompanying them.

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    So mainly, all that they did was claim for their rights. If I compare this time to the way back one, then yeah, everything would be left for the governemnt to solve, etc. Women wouldn't be able to attack or anything like that. Way back then, they claimed for their rights, and fought back.
    Am I right?

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    Oh I am so sorry, I totally messed up on that one, thanks. For a second I thought that they would stand up for themselves , but unfortunetly not.

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