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the draft sheet is organized in a confusing way, here's how i filled it:

1. Broad Subject:
Phonebook Names

2. Limited Topic for Thesis Statement:
John E. Mackintosh

3. Main Idea about This Topic (how do you feel about this topic) (what is your opinion about this topic or issue):

4. Three-Step Format for Thesis Statement:
Specific Support for Paragraph #2:
well dressed with expensive accessories

Specific Support for Paragraph #3:
rich house and cars

Specific Support for Paragraph #4:
easy going but busy person

5. Thesis Statement with Three-Step Format:

(i don't know how i can put all this information in one thesis statement)

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    Your thesis is that John D. Mackintosh is rich.

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    three-step thesis statement

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    it has to include all of the information that is up there

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    i'm working on the exact same essay. i need help too.

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    Come on, Y, you can do it better than that. The purpose of this exercise is to teach you to develop a thesis in three steps. Your "spedific " step 4 does NOT support the main idea. YOu need supporting paragraphs to support the main idea.

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    bobpursley i don't think you saw my earlier posts. it tells what each paragraph should be about. 1-intro, 2-physical appearance, 3-person's surroundings, 4-actions or behaviors, 5-conclusion.

    is it ok now?

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    Then you need to adjust your thesis to include physical appearance, surroundings, and actions.

    The supporting paragraphs are to SUPPORT the thesis.
    Rich has nothing to do with appearance, or behaviours.

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    ok. let me explain this. 'rich' is just the main idea about the essay and the thesis. the thesis statement just has to state the main idea. then, you have to write three supports and create a three-step format for a new and improved thesis statement. i need help on the last part. i basically just need to combine all the above information and make it into one complete sentence. that's what i'm asking help on.

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    You write your sentence, and we'll critique it.

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    All Right!

    see you guys tomorrow :)

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