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what can be some strengths and weaknesses in school?

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    Are you asking about your strengths and weaknesses? Only you can answer that.

    Are you asking about strengths and weaknesses in the spirit, academics, faculty, schedule, and student body in your school? Again, only you can answer that.

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    like for people in general

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    Just what is your complete assignment?

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    i need to know what are strengths and weaknesses kids have to face in their everyday life

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    Strengths students face may include:

    * supportive teachers, family, coaches, mentors, friends
    * opportunities to learn and get a good education
    * their religion

    Weaknesses may include:
    * a weak or dysfunctional family
    * inadequate curriculum or poorly trained teachers
    * disruptive classrooms
    * peer pressure to do the "wrong" things

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