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here's an assignment that i have to do:
Phone Book Character
Select a name from the phonebook that makes an impression on you.
Examples: Angelic J. Pureheart
What kind of impressions might the name Angelic J. Pureheart give you?
Would she be a member of the church choir?
Would she teach Sunday school?
Would she always tell the truth?
Would she have a fair complexion and long, blond hair?

Lucifer F. Heller
What kind of impressions might the name Lucifer F. Heller give you?
Would he cause trouble in the neighborhood?
Would he attend school or a job regularly?
Would he rarely tell the truth?
Would he spend much of his time hanging out on the streets?

Decide what impression you want your description to convey. Is this person:
funny, kind, friendly, weird, rich, talkative
clever, talented, an airhead, troublesome, poor, a brain
stubborn, phony, patriotic, fearless, a pest, a nerd
helpful, happy, a complainer, well-dressed, stressed, whatever you choose

Pick only one of these (or choose an impression of your own) and include it with the name of the person in your thesis statement with a three-step format.

-To make your descriptive as vivid as possible, try to include details that appeal to at least three or four senses. (Sights, Sounds, Smells, Tastes, Physical Senstations)
-Remember that a good description "shows" the reader through sense details, it does not simply "tell."
-Do you want to convey a positive impression or a negative impression of whom you are describing?
-What are some of the qualities or characteristics of this poem?

The description will be five paragraphs long following the five-paragraph essay format.

Paragraph #1 contains the introduction leading up to your thesis statement. This paragraph contains an attention getting device an a three-step format thesis statement.
Paragraph #2 describes the physical appearance of this person.
Paragraph #3 describes the person's surroundings.
Paragraph #4 describes the person's actions or behaviors.
Paragraph #5 conclusion restates the thesis statement and ends with a clincher about this person.

please help me with a good name and i will get started on this as soon as possible

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    Your instructions say to find the name in a phone book.

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    Open your telephone book and close your eyes and pick a name. Then quickly write down every word that leaps into your mind associated with that name. Then organize according to your criteria. Let your imagination RUN!!! I could give you a name but then that would be fun for you.

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    well i want a name that has meaning to i can write my essay..please help

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    Are you sure you're ready for college, Y?

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    come on..i don't have a phone book
    help mee Gurublue

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