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Good Morning All!

so yesterday i posted something about college that i wanted to know. well, i'm at Georgia State right now. i said i wanted to do something in the designing field. i think that's fine because they have a college of art over here at State. can i please get some more information about courses and/or guidelines of what to chose?

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    If you plan to succeed in college, you need to start right now to write English correctly -- with correct use of capital letters, punctuation, etc.

    You need to contact THAT COLLEGE for specific information and guidance about what courses to take and when.

    I see five different art majors. Each will have its own set or requirements although the basics or general education requirements should be the same for all students. Within those requirements, however, you will have choices.

    Click on the link to College of Arts & Sciences and then (at the left) on Undergraduate Degree Programs.

    In addition, I used their search box (top right) and searched for CATALOG --
    You can read several webpages from here and learn about graduation requirements (which will include general ed requirements) for each degree.

    Read, read, read.

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    Spelling, too!! "Alright" is not a word even though you see the error everywhere. The correct expression is "all right."

    Polish those skills so you do well in whatever college courses you take!

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    uhh All right.


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    Yes, indeed! =)

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