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1. Have you ever chatted with a foreigner at a chatroom?

2. Have you ever written English e-mails?

3. Have you ever taken a taxi to come to school?

4. Have you ever shopped at Home plus?

5. Have you ever sung songs at a singing room?

6. Have you ever talked to a foreigner?

7. Have you ever ridden a motorbike?

8. Have you ever bought things on line?

9. Have you ever danced on stage in front of many people?

10. Have you ever read English novels?

(Would you check the sentences above?)

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    #1 -- I'd use "in" rather than "at."

    #2 -- Do you mean "...written emails in English"?

    #3 is fine.

    #4 -- should be "Home Plus" if "Plus" is part of the store's name.

    #5 -- again, I'd use "in" rather than "at."

    #s 6, 7, 9, and 10 are fine.

    #8 -- "online" instead of "on line."

    Overall, there are very few errors! Good for you!!

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    1. . . . IN a chatroom

    3. OK, but you could also say . . . taken a taxi to come to school

    5. . . . IN a singing room

    The rest are perfect. :-)

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