Healthy Decision Making

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What are three things young people can do to reduce risks and avoid injury?

Can someone help me answer this question.

Thank you very much.

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    Could you define the context of "risks" and "injury"? Is this for a unit on drugs, athletic injury, or just decisions in general?

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    Well, I believe 'risks' in this situation means recreational activities and the risks involved because previous questions are talking about recreational activities.

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    1.Wear a seatbelt in car
    2.Don't play with fire
    3.Wear a helmet when biking,etc.
    4.Always have your shoelaces tied

  • Healthy Decision Making -

    The biggest thing is to T H I N K!

  • Healthy Decision Making -

    Yeah, Ms. Sue is right, the biggest thing is to atleast "think" twice before you act. Your one wrong step may just lead you all the way to Hell.

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