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Could someone please help me find some information?
I need to write a paper about my U.S. Representative in my area. My U.S. Representative is Brad Ellsworth.
In this paper I need to describe the characteristics of my congressional district, I am not sure what I am suppose to write. Could you help me with this?
Thanks for the help.

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    Here is your Representative's webpage:
    It includes all kinds of information about him and the district. Be sure to go through all the menus across the webpage just under his picture.'s_8th_congressional_district
    Here is information about the district. Be sure to read it thoroughly and examine all linked data and articles.

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    Do you know the number of your congressional district? Each state has a district numbering system.

    I would Google the words (state) "(congressional district __" demographics and see what comes up.
    Fill in the appropriate state and district number before Googling.

    Here is what I came up with for the 34th Congressional District of California:

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    Thank you for the help.
    I live in Indiana and my congressional district is the 8th district.

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    Try this website for your district:

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