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Respected teachers,

I have got assignment that i have to write about 7 scientists i am in class 6 and we have to write 1 page for 1 scientist we have to write about their life style and what they invented and how they were great and i know names of some scientists .... Albert Einstein, Alhazen and Brunel and even i don't know much about Alhazen and Brunel so i have a4 size papers and i have write about 7 scientist on a4 papers i had found some sites but they have alot of information and its hard to take out less information for all scientists so do you know any website in which we don`t got lot of information and i can write easily please i need help i have to submit it tomorrow .



  1. jim

    There are some ideas at Biographies for Kids. You can get there by typing

    "garden of praise" "Biographies for Kids" leaders scientists

    (with the quotes) into Google and then going quite a way down the page until you come to the scientists - though I think a couple of the inventors would qualify too.

    They have:

    George Washington Carver
    Albert Einstein
    Marie Curie
    Louis Pasteur
    Sir Isaac Newton
    Lise Meitner

    You might also look up Nicholas Copernicus.

    I found more at Biography Online. You can get there by typing

    "Biography Online"

    (with the quotes) into Google and then clicking on "Scientist Biographies" about 2/3 down the page.

    David Attenborough
    Alexander Bell
    Marie Curie
    Charles Darwin
    Albert Einstein
    Galileo Galilei
    Isaac Newton
    Louis Pasteur

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