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how would you work out



the minus is for the whole fraction

please show your working

thanks in advance :)

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    What do you mean by "work out" ?
    Are you graphing the function ?

    Make a table of values and graph some of the points. You should see what happens to the graph.
    Try to get a "feel" for the numbers.
    e.g. as you pick larger x's, doesn't the value of 2/x become smaller and smaller?
    similarly if you pick fractional values of x, doesn't 2/x become larger and larger. What happens if you pick x = 0 ? OH oh!
    Now try an x close to zero, say x = .01
    Can you see the pattern?
    Now repeat, using negative values of x.

    Now change your equation to y = 5/x or something like that.

    Can you generalize what y = n/x would look like?

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