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Hi we had to write a poem for english class, i was wondering if mine was any good? I also was wondering if the last two lines sounded ok i wasn't sure.

Fighting is a major part of the world today
Which makes others just want to stay away
Stressing the problems that they face
Is what destroys the human race

Getting along seems to be the easy way out
Rather than doing that we just want to shout
By releasing the anger from within
The pain is equivalent to being stabbed by a pin

Why can’t we all just get along?
Instead we insist we don’t belong
By putting our problems aside
We can stop the nation’s divide

We’re only as far as we allow ourselves to be
So don’t take the easy way out, don’t flee
Being rude and hurtful will be your demise
So stop being hateful and start being wise

Do the right thing and stop all this pain
The world can be better if we just maintain
A positive attitude and love for one another
To create a bond as strong as that of a brother

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    So beautiful, this is an extraordinary poem you've created. I really love it.
    Seriously, I don't even think a senior could have done better, that is if you're a junior.

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    Haha thanks you're far to kind :)

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    thanks, you're just too good:-)

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