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En la 11. ___________ te llamé.
De la oscuridad me llamaste.
Reconocí tu 12. ___________.
Reconociste la mia.
“Vente para acá,” 13. ___________.
Tape 4, Side B ExaminationRespondiste: “¿Dónde estás, papá? No te 14. ___________ .”
“ 15. ___________ Estoy aquí,” dije.
“Tengo miedo,” dijiste.
“No, 16. ___________ . Espérate. Vengo a donde estás.”
“Está oscuro. No veo 17. ___________. 18. ___________ miedo.”
“No tengas miedo, hijito. 19. ___________ vengo.”
“Pronto, papá. Te 20. ___________ .”

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    It is a good idea to begin with how we may help you, or end with that. It took me a while to figure out what you needed. Fill in the blank = directions I needed to see.

    11. mañana
    12. voz
    13. dijo

    14. veo
    15. No te preocupes (don't worry)
    16. cálmate
    17. nada
    18. Tengo
    19. Yo te (I'm coming to you)
    20. necesito

    Without knowing your level (Spanish I, II, III, IV/V or the text you have used, I really don't know if this is what YOU would be required to do. In any event, what I gave you makes sense.

    For next time: do NOT ask us to DO the work for you. DO what you can, tell us clearly what you'd like us to do. For this type of exercise, translate into English (if you must) to then make it easier to fill in the blank.


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