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For my IB project, I need five people who live outside the United States to answer three questions about business in their country. The questions are:

1) What do you think is the most
difficult challenge for U.S.
businesses that want to do
business in your country?

2) What one product or service do
many people in your country want
but do not have today?

3) What one product or service do
many people in your country enjoy
that consumers in other countries
may not know about?

Also, please include your first name and home country. Thanks for your help. :)

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    All good questions. My opinions only!

    1) Often communications are a problem starting from the initial contacts (e.g. who to talk to) through to terminology when the contract is underway.

    2) Affordable care for the elderly

    3) The Open University

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    Could you also provide your home country and an email for my project? The professor has requested we include them. Thank you.

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