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Mass balance on an intravenous injection (IV) bag
A nurse sets up an IV drip for a patient consisting of normal saline; assume that this is an
aqueous solution containing 150mM salt. The saline drip is supplemented with an antibiotic
solution; assume that this is an aqueous solution with 15 mg/mL antibiotic and 100 mM
salt. The treatment regimen for this particular patient calls for 4.0 mg of antibiotic to be
infused per hour. The saline solution drip is set at 0.75 mL/min. Assume that all solutions
have the density of water and that the MW of the salt is 58.5 g/mol.
(a) Draw and label a flowchart for this process.
(b) Perform a DoF analysis.
(c) Determine the drip rate (mL/min) of the antibiotic solution and the mass fraction of
salt and antibiotic in the stream that enters the patient.
(d) The drip rate of the saline solution is increased to 1.5 mL/min. What is the required
drip rate of the antibiotic solution to maintain the required 4.0 mg per hour dosage?
(e) The prescribed antibiotic dosage is doubled to 8.0 mg per hour. Using the 0.75
mL/min saline solution drip, solve for the required antibiotic solution drip rate.

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