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college physics

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two people are wearing harnesses and are hanging from the ceiling by means of ropes. they are face to face and push off eachother. person 1 has a mass of 100kg and person 2 a mass of 80 kg. after the push person 1 swings in an arc that causes hime to rise a height of .3 meters. what height does person 2 rise above his starting position?

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    both have the same momentum at pushing

    square it

    so the energy in person1 is m1v1^2
    and the energy in person1 is m2v2^2
    but m2*g*h2=1/2 m2v2^2=1/2 m2*1.56v1^2
    = 1/2*4/5m1v1^2*1.56
    = initialKEperson1 * .8*1/56
    = m1g*h1*1.25
    or h2= 3*1.56meters

    check my thinking.

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