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Monologue of Mary Malony in the storie "the lamb of the slaughter"?

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    And your question is???

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    I kinda made it sound like she was schizopfrenic
    Mary: Did he just divorce me?
    Voice: Uh yes obviously he did.
    Mary: Well from the way I see it he’s just afraid of being a father.
    Voice: Wow you are so dumb. It’s because there’s another woman. He’s been staying late at work and you know his new assistant is a little pushy.
    Mary: Patrick wouldn’t do that to me. He loves me.
    Voice: No, obviously he doesn’t. If he loved you he wouldn’t have just dumped you and your 6 month old baby on your ass.
    Mary: Patrick didn’t mean what he said. I’ll just make him a nice dinner of lamb and everything will be better. Yes this leg will do nicely.
    Voice: Ha-ha, you think that cooking him a nice dinner will make everything better? You’ve been making him “Nice dinners” for the past month and he just keeps trying to get away from you. He is repulsed by you.
    Mary: Well that’s your fault. It’s not me he doesn’t like.
    Voice: Oh really? Well he doesn’t even know I live in your head so how could it be me he hates?
    Voice: I’m not going anywhere. You should know that by now.

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    Good work

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    No don't leave me Patrick. bAM

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    i really love lebron james

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