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write each noun in each sentence. tell wether each noun is a common or plural noun.

1. He is a gives lessons to young children.

2. Ryan will learn to swim this summer.

3. He kicks his feet in the water.

4. Some teens are lifeguards at Central Pool.

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    lessons -- common, plural
    children -- common, plural

    Ryan -- proper, singular
    summer -- common, singular

    We'll be glad to check your answers for the other two sentences.

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    ohh i am sorry i forgot to put proper noun.

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    i think the last one is teens=common
    lifeguards=common and Central Pool= proper
    plus number 3 is feet=common ALSO water=common

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    am i right

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    Yes, what you have for 3 and 4 are right.

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    Thanks for helping me

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