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Word Problem

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Consider the box-and-whisker graphs shown. They suggest that a U.S. Department of Agriculture study shows that poultry dogs have fewer calories per dog than either beef dogs or meat dogs. Yet, one dietitian 150% of the calories of some hot dogs made of beef. Can this claim be correct? Explain.

The graph shows Both beef and meat have 150 calories and poultry has 130 calories.

So the claim cannot be correct, right?

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    Wait the graph shows ranges. The meat hot dogs can go up to 195 calories while the lowest for the poultry can be only 85 calories. Is 195 calories 150% more calories then 85?

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    You omitted some important information following "Yet, one dietition 150%......" so we can't tell what the graph should show.

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    Sorry, I don't know how that happend. The full sentence is this:
    Yet, one dietitian
    claims that some hot dogs made of poultry have 150% of the calories of some hot dogs made of beef.

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