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What were the goals of the French Revolutionaries? Do you think they were worth fighting for? Is the writer justified in saying that any means are all right when fighting for a worthy cause?

The goals of the French Revolutionaries were to give liberty, equality, and fraternity to everyone. Yes they were worth fighting for, because otherwise no one would have listened. Atleast fighting for them made a change. Yes the wirter is justified in saying that any means are all right when fighting for a worthy cause. His statement is true, to receive freedom, it is alright to fight back the ones who've snatched it.

Does this make sense? I was trying to be more specific, but I couldn't really explain and say what I wanted to, I didn't have the wordings to do so. Also is this answer a good paragraph length one, because it's supposed to. All your help is appreciated.

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    This is a good paragraph. And I agree with you.

    But remember, today's terrorists, especially in the Middle East, believe they are fighting for a worthy cause, too.

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    Is it possible that the French Revolutionaries could have gained freedom by other means than the Reign of Terror?

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    Thank you:-)

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    You're welcome.

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    I can't really think of the other ways they could have gained freedom. Do you have any?

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    Mohandas Gandhi won freedom for India with non-violent resistance. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a prime mover of U.S. Civil Rights for African-Americans by using non-violent resistance.

    I don't know whether the French could have won their freedom and equality with less violence -- but it is worth thinking about.

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