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The equilibrium constant (Kc) for the gas phase reaction 2 NH3 N2 + 3 H2 is 3.0 x 10-3 at some temperature. The reaction is started by placing a 0.040-mol sample of ammonia in an empty one-liter flask. When equilibrium is established how much N2 is present?

1. ) 0.019 mol
2. ) 0.013 mol
3. ) 0.010 mol
4. ) 0.016 mol

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    A major suggestion: You MUST write an arrow; otherwise, we don't know where the reactants end and the products begin.
    a. Place the arrow.
    b. Set up an ICE chart.
    c. Plug the ICE numbers into the Kc experession.
    d. solve.

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    I don't get the answer i have tried it over at least 10 times. I did the ice table and everything.

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