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Most of us tend to accept the opinions of the authority because we believe that those who are in the position of authority are more likely to know the truth and make wise decisions. However, the people in authority can sometimes make mistakes. If we stick to their ideas without questioning, we will be misled by them. Consequently, it is necessary for us to doubt the decisions and ideas of the authority.
Before the advent of telescope, the people in authority then held the wrong view that the sun resolves around the earth. The majority just follow the authority blindly and took this belief for granted. That incorrect idea slowed the development of society as well as prevented the further study of astronomy. It was not until 1609 when Galileo Galilei invented the telescope, which enabled him to observe the sky and to prove the theory that the earth goes around the sun, did people realize that the opinions of the authority were wrong. Had Galilei not doubted the authority, people might still cling to the wrong belief and science might not be so highly developed as it is today.
In the days when slavery was allowed in the United States, slaves, who were legal possession of the slaves owners, had to endure the inhumane treatment as well as physical abuse and had no freedom at all. Despite their sufferings, the government made a wrong decision to support slavery. Considering slavery a social evil, more and more people questioned the decisions of the government. After the struggle in Abolitionist Movement and America¡¯s Civil War, the slaves finally managed to get rid of the miserable lives they led before. If nobody questioned the decisions of the authority, numerous of black people may still suffer from slavery and American people may not be able to enjoy the prosperity resulting from the diverse culture of America.
The two examples above demonstrated that the people in the position of authority are not always right and can guide us in a wrong way. We should always make our own judgment and doubt their decisions and ideas for improvements.

Please score my essay and give me some advice. Thanks so much!

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    If I don't have an example to support my thesis in the examine, what should i do?

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    This is well organized and well supported. Your conclusion could be a little stronger and make a specific discovery. I would definitely give you a 5 on this.

    I am sure that you will be able to think of points to support a thesis. I have never seen a SAT essay question that was not sufficiently. The most important thing is to make a brief outline before you start to write. That will gather your ideas and make the writing easier.

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    GuruBlue is correct. It's a good paper.

    Here are a couple of webpages that may help you as you prepare to write the SAT essay:

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    The only thing I would add, is that an essential part of the scoring is did the essay answer the question/prompt presented. One gets a zero if it did not. You didn't present that question.

    If it answered the question, 5

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    I don't know what is a strong conclusion. Can anybody tell me?

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