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I would be grateful if someone could please review these and tell me if I am correct. Thanks!

1.What is the empirical formula for a compound whose molecular formula is C2Cl6?
a. CCl3
b. CCl4
c. C2Cl6
d. CCl
e. need more information
I think the answer is E more information is needed

2.A sample of a molecular compound was analyzed and found to contain 9.09 grams carbon (C), 1.52 grams of hydrogen (H), and 14.40 grams of fluorine (F). Determine the empirical formula of the compound.
c=12.01 9.09/12.01= .756
h=1.008 1.52/1.008= 1.507
f=19.00 14.40/19.00=.757
c .756/.756 =1
f.757/.756=1 Answer CH2F

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