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The parachute on a race car of weight 8850 N opens at the end of a quarter-mile run when the car is traveling at 31 m/s. What total retarding force must be supplied by the parachute to stop the car in a distance of 1000 m?

[so for this one, i need to know the mass and acceleration. i used the at+v0 =v equation and the distance=.5at^2+v0t equation to solve for t which i got as 64.5 seconds. and then I plugged that into the at+v0 =v to get acceleration of -.4805=a anddd now i don't know what to do. please let me know if the prev. steps were correct!] thank you

  • i meant PHYSICS. -

    subject = physics

  • MELODY -

    Vf^2=Vi^2 -2ad but a=force/mass
    Vf=0 Vi=31 solve for force

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