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What is the purpose of adding quicklime to the soil?

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    If the soil were acid, would it have some purpose? What do plants need from soil pH?

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    Plants need a more or less neutral soil.So i guess the quicklime would increase the alkalanity of the soil.Am I right?

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    if it is acid soil, yes. There are regions of the US that are acid. I lived in on the Gulf coast for a few years, in the Piney woods area, and the sandy soil there was very acid.

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    Would liming on an alkaline soil, destroy the soil then?

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    Yes, I now live in CentralTexas, in the limestone hills, my garden soil is on top of a limestone formation, the pH is about 8.5 I am limited to what I can grow, sensitive things such as field peas suffer cirrhosis and do not form pods. I have to add Sulfur (makes acid in soil) to even grow simple things.

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    Ok.Thanks alot for your help!

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    Suppose you are asked to find the area of a rectangle that is 2.1-\rm cm wide by 5.6-\rm cm long. Your calculator answer would be 11.76 \rm cm^2 . Now suppose you are asked to enter the answer to two significant figures. (Note that if you do not round your answer to two significant figures, your answer will fall outside of the grading tolerance and be graded as incorrect.)

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