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okay im still confused on how to do function notation. im not sure if im doing it right.
The directions were:A:write an expression for f(x)B:find f(5)
The problem was: y=x-2
My answers were: A:f(x)=x-2
B:f(5)=5-2 which came out as f(5)=3
Am i doing it right or anypart of it right? Any help is welcome

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    A. correct.
    f(x) is the equivalent of y, except that f(x) tells you the independent variable is x.

    B. correct.
    And f(5) means that the independent variable takes on the value of 5, as you have done it.

    Good work!

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    A plane ascends at a 40° angle. When it reaches an altitude of one hundred feet, how much ground distance has it covered? To solve, use the trigonometric chart. Round the answer to the nearest tenth.

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