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Help!! problem about capacitance and inductance...

please help me...
god bless u all...

1.) A capacitance of 2.0 micro-Farad with an initial charge Qo is switched into a series circuit consisting of a 10.0 ohms resistance.
Find Qo if the energy dissipated in the resistance is 3.6 mJoules.

2.) An inductance of 4.0 milli-Henries has a voltage
V= ( 2.0e^ (-10^ (3t) ) (v). Obtain the maximum stored energy. When will the current be zero??

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    1) When is the energy dissipated measured? RC circuits discharge with a specific rate.
    2) Inductances have energy stored in the magnetic field in accordance with 1/2 L i^2, where i is current. Because current and voltage are 90 degrees out of phase (pure L circuit), it is not possible to go further with this problem.

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